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Since manholes suffer from a variety of problems, from minor leaks to major failures, an assortment of methods are required to properly renew them. The most cost effective solutions are those that are tailored to overcome each particular problem.


As aging infrastructure becomes a top priority and demands for resolving this issue grow, PCI is well positioned to address the unique challenges associated with this type of specialized construction.















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We have a 48-hour turn around time policy.

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you can expect a quote within 48 hours.

PCI's Commitment to Safety

At PCI, we care about the safety, health and well-being of our employees. We value the contributions our employees make toward our success. We support local community interests, and value honesty, integrity, and teamwork.


Our business operates with a goal of zero damage to people, property, and product. It is our policy to provide safe working conditions. Everyone shares equally in the responsibility of identifying hazards and following safety rules and operating practices. All jobs and tasks must be performed in a safe manner following industry safety and performance standards, as safety is crucial to the quality of our work and service.


PCI follows all local, state, and federal OSHA and other safety requirements.


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