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One-Stop Solutions for Concrete Corrosion

Since our inception in 2001, Plastic Composites, Inc. provides a wide selection of concrete protective liners for pre-cast and poured-in-place structions, including concrete pipe.

Our Services

PCI is an approved applicator of Raven, Sauereisen, Strong-Seal and Tnemec coatings. We are the only one in the industry that handles all three liner products:

  • Agru (high-density polyethyiene and polypropylene)
  • Ameron (T-lock PVC liners)
  • GSE (High-density polyethylene)

A Closer Look

Take a closer look at why we are sought out as a one-stop source for concrete corrosion solutions:


Concrete Protective Coatings


PCI provides media blasting or high-pressure water blasting, depending on product requirements, for both new and existing structures. We spray or trowel-apply epoxy and calcium aluminate coatings. With PCI, you never have to change a spec. PCI offers you trusted, across-the-board coverage for concrete corrosion products and services. We make safety our number one priority.


Fiberglass Liners


We provide custom fiberglass for new precast construction and drop-in rehabilitation liners for manholes and wet wells. PCI also provides fiberglass and aluminum skimmers for stormwater structures.


Field Welding


PCI's field crews are safety trained for working in confined spaces, including electrofusion and extusion welding of HDPE and PVC. The company is fully insured and strictly conforms to OSHA regulations. All extrusion welding is field tested according to manufacturer specs, and we provide our customers with all test data and reports at the end of your job.


Shop Fabrication


PCI has a fully equipped fabrication shop at our headquarters in Mount Dora, Florida. We carry most standard-sized hole formers and routinely produce custom sizes. Our experienced fabricators produce specialty liners and liners for wastewater treatment structures on a daily basis. We supply shop drawings and spcification data for your approval.


Safety always comes first. That is why we product train and certify our field crews every month, doing so is important when you are dealing with application of specialty coatings for sanitary structures in confined spaces.


Proven Performance

Our clients come to us for one-stop solutions for concrete corrosion problems. PCI provides superior products, highly skilled crews in the shop and in the field, and an on-time, on-budget attitude.

We are an industry leader throughout our region and beyond for:

  • Plastic and fiberglass liner fabrication
  • Fiberglass and aluminum skimmers for stormwater structures
  • Leak stopping
  • Plastic fusion welding
  • Extrusion welding in the field
  • Field application of high-performance spray and trowel-applied coatings, both epoxy and calcium alumincate.

Here's a closer look at representative projects:

  • Florida

    PCI has installed over 700,000 sq.ft. of High Density Polyethylene and Ameron T-Lock concrete protective liners in Florida. In addition, PCI has completed 150 projects with epoxy spray coating, calcium aluminates, and fiberglass liners in the state. Our full line of coatings is capable of performing rehabilitation projects in sewage treatment facilities.

  • Georgia

    PCI has been actively involved in numberous proven lining projects in Georgia, including rehabilitation projects on Sea Island. In addition, we've handled a poured-in-place project using protective liners.

  • North and South Carolina

    Our Company has been working with pre-cast concrete manufacturers in these states to liner new sewer transmissions projects to extend their service life.

  • Minnesota

    PCI has been conducting field extrusion welding service for major precaster each year for the last five years. We have been recommended by several municipalities for our quality and safety to other contractors in Minnesota.

Our customers rely on our across-the-board coverage of concrete corrosion products and services. We make safety our Priority. PCI helps keep projects moving forward-when time is money.

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