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One-Stop Solutions for Concrete Corrosion

Since our inception in 2001, Plastic Composites, Inc. provides a wide selection of concrete protective liners for precast and poured-in-place structures, spray coatings for manhole and lift station rehabilitation, leak stop repairs, and Tnemec coatings.

Our Services

HDPE Liners

We provide custom HDPE liners for new precast construction and drop-in rehabilitation liners for manholes and wet wells. PCI also provides HDPE and aluminum skimmers for stormwater structures. We are the only one in the industry that handles all three liner products:

  • AGRU (high-density polyethyiene and polypropylene)
  • AMERON (T-lock PVC liners)
  • GSE (High-density polyethylene)


Concrete Protective Coatings

PCI provides sand blasting or high-pressure water blasting, depending on product requirements, for both new and existing structures. PCI is an approved applicator of Raven, Sherwin Williams, and Strong-Seal. We spray or trowel-apply epoxy and calcium aluminate coatings. PCI offers you trusted, across-the-board coverage for concrete corrosion products and services.

Leak Stop Repairs and

Tnemec Coatings


PCI offers Leak Stop solutions. Leak Stop adheres instantly, providing a permanent and flexible waterproof membrane. PCI applies Tnemec coatings that expand the life of items by protecting the inner and outer workings from the elements and the effects of extended use. Tnemec's high performance water-related coating systems provide protective coverage as well as aesthetic enhancement.

PCI's field crews are safety trained for working in confined spaces, including electrofusion and extusion welding of HDPE and PVC. The company is fully insured and strictly conforms to OSHA regulations.


PCI has a fully equipped fabrication shop at our headquarters in Mount Dora, Florida. Our experienced fabricators produce specialty liners and liners for wastewater treatment structures on a daily basis. We supply shop drawings and specification data for your approval.


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